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Our Vision:

To live the belief that we can realize the commonality between us in the face of all our differences, living in a community in a prosperous town, county, and nation by connecting, conversing, and listening to each other.

A world where safety, education, health, peace, justice with equity, equality, and opportunity to pursue happiness based on our abilities and capabilities exist for all.

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The Peace Alliance National Department of Peacebuilding Committee

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We are inspired by and pleased with Fernando I. Andrade and his partners, potential partners, and board of directors, who founded “A North Georgia Community Mediation Center” (ANGCMC), toward empowering civic engagement and addressing conflicts of all types with peacebuilding tools, such as mediation and restorative practices.  We encourage people to support this organization as it forms and grows. This is one example of how people can be inspired by the legislation proposing a US Department of Peacebuilding and create or contribute toward something locally to fill a need. Read more about the Dept of Peace Building